Boost Your Moves Per Hour – Tap into StackAI’s Potential

stowAI takes on inefficient
and static yard management

With a solid vessel planning it’s vital that the stack is build up in most efficient way, reducing shifters, increase crane efficiency. With our re-inforcement learning tool the stack is constantly planned the most efficient way bearing in mind the StowAI module.

The most optimized yard you’ve ever seen

StackAI, developed by, revolutionizes yard planning with its AI-driven approach. It enhances yard efficiency by intelligently predicting and organizing container positions.

This tool reduces the amount of shifters and optimizes space usage. Replacing the conventional rule-based planning, by a self learning AI algorithm that can perform constant simulation to determine the best approach. Our tooling has the capacity to get rid of unnecessary moves and shifters.

StackAI’s innovative technology ensures faster, more accurate stacking decisions, leading to improved terminal throughput. Ideal for terminals aiming to streamline yard operations and elevate performance, StackAI is a forward-thinking solution for the evolving demands of container logistics.

Icon Smarter yard-planning using StackAI

Replacing sub-optimal rule based planning by a automatic planning algorithm, taking all data into account. Minimizing shifters and driving distances, maximizing usage of equipment.

Icon Real-time adaption

Booking information, pick-up trends and next destinations are constantly changing. Using our self learning and complete AI model, all relevant factors are constantly re-evaluated and optimized.

Icon Less rule setting and configuration

Creating hundreds of different planning rules, allocations and parameters is no longer helpful. Our planning algorithm will use historical data and simulation to determine the optimum slot for every container

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Icon stowAI

Innovates vessel planning. Faster rotation time of ships, increased flexibility towards shipping lines and customers.

Icon stackAI

Build the stack in the most efficient way. Increase moves per hour by reducing shifters and increase crane efficiency.

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Get the most out of your equipment. Increase moves per hour by minimising waste and delays.

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