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dispatching & job control

JobAI will get the most out of your equipment. Using AI techniques, jobs will be dispatched to the right container handling equipment at the right time, minimizing waste such as delays and driving times. A steady output will be guaranteed.

A fleet or orchestrated equipment

JobAI, presented by, is an innovative solution designed to streamline the allocation of tasks within container terminals.

We can work with either automated equipment, such as automated (stacking) cranes and automated guided vehicles or conventional container handling equipment. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, JobAI assigns tasks to equipment and operators efficiently, reducing idle times and increasing productivity.

This system ensures optimal resource utilization and accelerates operational processes. Tailored for terminals seeking to enhance their job management through AI, JobAI offers a strategic edge in operational efficiency and workforce management, making it an essential tool for modern terminal operations. In case of any breakdowns during the operations, our JobAI software is able to adapt the job planning in a matter of seconds.

Icon Last-minute allocations

Our jobAI algorithm determines the next best job and allocates the right equipment at the right time. 

Icon Real-time adaption

Equipment planning is often static in terminals when in execution mode. Even minor changes can disturb the processes at an (automated) terminal, causing delays and waiting times of your valuable resources. Using our constant planning approach, we will constantly plan at the latest moment possible, being able to adapt to changes. No more need for manual intervention!

Icon Integration with StowAI and StackAI

Integration with StowAI and StackAI turns the terminal into a big AI ecosystem, where all data points from planning to execution are considered in determining the next best move. Changes can be done rapidly on a holistic level, also reconsidering planning.

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Innovates vessel planning. Faster rotation time of ships, increased flexibility towards shipping lines and customers.

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Build the stack in the most efficient way. Increase moves per hour by reducing shifters and increase crane efficiency.

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Get the most out of your equipment. Increase moves per hour by minimising waste and delays.

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