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discover the future
of container planning.

We innovate TOS planning with AI software.

We solve contemporary problems and save time & resources.
No more complex configurations and no more traditional rule-based decision making.

about loadmaster

Loadmaster is a joint venture between the frontiergroup and the IT Partner Group (www.itpartner.nl) . Our launching customer is Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals. Starting mid 2024, the terminal will operate using AI TOS planning software to save on resources & time and to improve productivity.

Our team consists of a perfect blend of employees with experience in operations and planning on container terminals and Machine Learning engineers with cutting-edge AI programming skills.

Additionally, we have in-depth knowledge of working with various Terminal Operating Systems, making integration with existing software solutions easily achievable. We have a track record in delivering successful software in terminal operations and other logistical areas.

we are entrepreneurial

We are constantly innovating; continuously asking ourselves how things can be done better or perhaps differently.

we create value

Our experts implement AI solutions as a mean to an end. Less errors, less overhead and more profitability.

we encourage creativity

We are constantly innovating. We talk constantly to our customers in order to bring AI and business together

the loadmaster team

our products

Icon stowAI

Innovates vessel planning. Faster rotation time of ships, increased flexibility towards shipping lines and customers.

Icon stackAI

Build the stack in the most efficient way. Increase moves per hour by reducing shifters and increase crane efficiency.

Icon jobAI

Get the most out of your equipment. Increase moves per hour by minimising waste and delays.